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Groundwork Connection

Benefits of Equine Assisted Services

Grace Lake offers unique opportunities for growth through our Equine Assisted Services in a safe, fun, Christian environment. Here are some of the benefits reported by our participants.

Physical – Improved balance and posture, better coordination, and organized sensory integration (the brain processing input from all five senses)

Psychological – Increased confidence, self-discipline, emotional control, and overall sense of well-being

Social – Positive interactions with people and animals, friendships with peers and better ability to read social cues, and developing productive behavioral patterns

Educational – Better visual and spatial perception, greater listening skills, and improved focus

Spiritual – Learn to trust and interact with nature with authority as God intended, understand ourselves and our world through God’s eyes, and open our hearts to Jesus

Because of the honesty and purity of the horse, success with horsemanship is achieved to the level that the equestrian accomplishes balance, trust, and leadership. Equine Assisted Services help our participants develop a variety of fundamental skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

benefits of equine assisted services, therapeutic riding

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