Our horses receive special handling in “natural horsemanship” techniques. ​Our goal is to bring the horse and the participant into a perfectly harmonious relationship.  This can only be achieved  through respect, communication, kindness and trust.  These “natural horsemanship” techniques, coupled with a loving heart, encourage the horse and participant to begin working like partners to achieve a feeling of oneness. Eventually it feels as if the horse responds to a mere thought of what you want to do. This is the kind of relationship that God desires to have with us — perfect unity. The learning process begins as the participant builds a relationship with the horse. The participant begins to see who they are and understand how they relate to others. Success with the horse is only achieved as they overcome these personal barriers. In some amazing way, God has given these horses the ability to assist us on our path to wholeness physically, mentally and spiritually.

natural horsemanship, therapeutic riding program