Therapy Horse Application

Our horses are some of the most important members of our team, and we frequently get calls from individuals wanting to donate their horse. If you think your horse would make a great therapy horse, please fill out this form.

There are many qualities that Grace Lake looks for in a Therapy Horse:

Age: Ideal age is 8-18 years of age.  

Size: Ideal size is 13 to 15.2 hands. 

Temperament: The horse must be relaxed and easy to ride as well as willing and tolerant. The horse must be comfortable around wheelchairs, walkers, ramps, cones, beanbags, large balls, and plastic rings.

Attitude and Manners: The horse must be calm and unexcitable. The horse must not spook, kick or bite. They must be easy to groom and tack up since they will have different people handling them. 

Conformation: The horse must have good conformation with a sturdy build. They must be able to support both child and adult. The therapeutic riding horse needs to be able to handle an unbalanced rider without becoming sore in the back.

Prior Training: Any training resulting in sound, calm, good natured horses produces horses that are suitable for our program. Varied and versatile backgrounds can be indicators of the horse’s adaptability. 

Gaits: The horse needs to have a steady and even walk, trot, canter and be sure-footed. 

Health: The horse must be free from illness, lameness and skin diseases. The horse must have strong hooves and preferably be able to work without shoes.

Therapy Horse Application Form

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